The people of Airborne Air Ambulance have been planning and carrying out bedside-to-beside medical itineraries for more than a quarter century. They know questions and concerns arise when an ill or frail patient faces an unforeseen emergency evacuation from a remote locale or a loved one requires a planned medical move from one city to another. The people of Airborne Air Ambulance want to share the information and expertise to help you feel better informed about what it takes to book a safe and comfortable medical flight.

As a group, we are top-flight pilots and flight-trained medical doctors. We are flight nurses and seasoned technical and support people, both on the ground and in the air. And, as you’d expect, the people of Airborne Air Ambulance maintain advanced training in their fields and are fully certified, updating credentials and training year after year. On nearly a daily basis, we review and evaluate the medical and personal aspects of every flight, before, during and after each operation. If you would like to know more about individual expertise and certifications, we encourage you to telephone or e-mail at any time.

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