Air Ambulance Case Study – Mary Lambert

Below is a wonderful letter from Mary Lambert’s daughter, Janet, stating her extreme gratitude for the excellent care her Mother received. She includes thanks to our staff and especially Robin Morris & Chris Witherspoon along with the pilots, with their help, expertise and especially their compassion this transfer went perfectly smooth. With everyone working together our patient and her daughter were able to focus on their own needs and be as stress free as possible in this difficult time.


A little more of the story: Mary Lambert was transferred from Little Rock, AR to St Louis, MS on Sept 17th. There were heavy rains that morning and Janet called almost hysterical that her Mother would have to stay another day due to weather. Our team member, Terry, after he checked with the pilots, assured us the weather not an issue. Janet was so relieved. Once our crew arrived they found out about Mary’s dog, Maddie, and didn’t hesitate to put her on the plane with the Mary. The transfer went well as Janet explains in her e-mail. However, 5 days after Mary arrived she passed away. Maddie was old and would not survive without Mary so they had already decided that if anything happened to Mary they would put Maddie down also and bury them together. Janet said it was actually bitter sweet and it is very comforting to the family that Mary & Maddie will be together forever and that the family couldn’t be more at peace with all of their decisions.

Dear Airborne Air Ambulance,

I am writing to thank you for all you did to bring my mother to St Louis, MS on 9-17-09. Words will never express my gratitude. I thought it would be nice to let other people know what a wonderful service you provide to people that need to be transported during critical situations.

My mother had cancer and needed to be transported from one city to another. She was too ill to travel by car, ground ambulance, or commercial airline. I did not know how I would be able to move my mother.
I was given the name and telephone number of Airborne Air Ambulance. During my call to Air Ambulance I became so relieved to hear that mother could be moved quickly by Airborne Air Ambulance.

The sales representative, Charlotte, took all the information immediately about my mother over the phone. She answered all my questions that put my mind at ease about your service. During our conversation the complete details of how my mother would be transported were explained to me.  Charlotte called me back with a quote that provided bed to bed transport for my mother.

The morning that my mother was to be moved we were having heavy rains and thunderstorms. I became very upset that the flight would be cancelled. I called Charlotte and she assured me that she would confirm the flight plans with the pilot. I received a quick call back with the good news that the pilots were aware of the weather in our area and that there was no need for concern. The flight would go as planned. The pilots were confident in having a safe flight with my mother.  Charlotte told me to not worry everything would be okay. She told me to just take care of my mother and Airborne would take care of everything else.

The pilot, nurse and crew arrived to pick up mother exactly as planned. They removed my mother from her bed, placed her on transport, allowed her little dog Maddie to stay with her, placed mother and Maddie in an ambulance, took her to the airport, and flew her to the new city. Placed her in another waiting ambulance, took her to the new facility, placed her in her bed and made sure all medical attention was given to my mother before they left her side. Mother and Maddie were together in a new place.

My husband and two dear friends were there to greet my mother and Maddie. I had a six hour drive before I could complete my trip by car. Charlotte called me several times to check on me and to let me know how my mother was doing. She also kept me posted on Maddie. I really appreciated this information. It took all the stress out of my trip home.  My husband was so impressed with the air ambulance team. It is rare to find such organized, skilled and professional people.

Airborne Air Ambulance could not have provided in anyway a more perfect service. The sales representative, the pilot, nurse crew and ground transport could not have been any better. My mother could not say enough about how good everyone was to her and to Maddie.

My mother died on 9/22/09. Her last days were made better because Airborne flew her and Maddie safely from one city to another.  We are so thankful for everything everyone did for my mother and Maddie.

Many Thanks,
Dennis & Janet R. Farrow

Some details of this testimonial have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved. The testimonial is however based on a real testimonial we received.

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