Whether planning in advance or responding to an emergency, your decision to move an ill or frail loved one is never easy. At Airborne Air Ambulance, we know your medical move is as unique as the patient and family. We are uniquely staffed to plan and carry out every detail of a safe and comfortable medical move.

Each passenger-patient and every family member benefits from Airborne’s individualized care and compassion, guaranteed to reduce the stress and uncertainty of moving an ill or frail loved one, bedside to bedside. All quotes and travel arrangements include one family member to travel with the patient, if you choose. Additional traveling companions can be arranged. We have even arranged for a beloved pet to join the flight!


Airborne gives you access to a full range of services with just one point of contact. You do not have to coordinate multiple steps and stops. We do all that. Airborne arranges stretcher service, patient escorts including wheelchairs, ambulatory assistance and other medical equipment. We safely and securely accommodate almost any medical condition in transit.


Once an itinerary is finalized, you can rely on our exclusive attention to your medical transportation, bedside to bedside. Seven days a week, around the clock, we monitor and track progress from departure to arrival and all steps between.


Our staff will help you and your family choose the best service for the patient’s needs. We inform you of cost comparisons, options, and alternatives that are available to you.


Every mile of the way, we make sure your medical move is safe and seamless, managed and delivered with the very best medical care and compassion. We coordinate with hospitals, medical centers, nursing-care settings, and of course, your own home — all the venues that a medical move can entail. No detail is left undone.

Transportation Options

In addition to top-tier air ambulance, Airborne services include:

Commercial and scheduled airline stretcher service: Advanced Medical Class Travel.

Commercial and private railway service: Consider this safe, pleasant and reliable mode, ideal for patients accompanied by several traveling companions.

Ground ambulances provide door-to-door service: This traditional mode of medical transportation is safe and cost effective for both short and moderate-length trips.

Medical escorts: Consider the services of a medically skilled traveling companion, a boon to the hearing- or sight-impaired traveler, and patients with special-care needs during their travel.

Bedside to bedside, Airborne Air Ambulance flies air routes globally and guarantees all ground connections, bedside to bedside, home to hospital and back again.

Serving Patients and Families in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Globally