Airborne medical flight planning begins with identifying the most cost-efficient method of getting from bedside-to-bedside.  Unlike what other services may do, we do not route clients through a hub.  This practice can end up costing “empty plane” time.  Instead, we identify nearby cities and local airports that serve your departures and arrivals best.  Our affordability strategy requires extensive local knowledge of both medical and aviation sites.  Our affordability strategy represents our commitment to your trust that we will provide the best service at the best price.

Another reason for the affordability of Airborne Air Ambulance is we do not mark up for outside services, tickets, hotel rooms, or similar items.  For example, some clients have requested their automobile to be sent after them; we bill only what uShip, for example, charges for transporting and delivering the car.  Other clients have requested prior-night hotel rooms near a medical facility.

Again, we charge what we are billed, never imposing a price higher than the item’s cost to us.
Medical air transportation costs are covered by many traveler-insurance policies, emergency riders on policies, and a wide variety of private medical plans.  For occasions when air-lift plans can be anticipated, supplemental coverage may sometimes be negotiated and attached to existing policies by your underwriters. We are happy to work with any plan that is in effect for the principal passenger. We may also establish alternate payment methods that are appropriate to individual situations, including the national healthcare plans of sovereign nations.